IFTO-Speaker-2018 Carolyn-Seaforth

Carolyn Seaforth

Vice President, ON Pinnacle Wealth Brokers

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Sunil-Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani

Founder, Private Investment Club

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Sarah-Larbi

Sarah Larbi

Professional Real Estate Investor


IFTO-Speaker-2018 April-Stewart HD

April Stewart

Owner & Operator, Landlord Legal

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Ray-Taeeb

Ray Jaff

CEO & Co-Founder, Casalova

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Rachel-Oliver New

Rachel Oliver

Managing Partner, Clover Properties


IFTO-Speaker-2018 Dalia-Barsoum

Dalia Barsoum

President and Principal Broker, Streetwise Mortgages

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Peter-Mazzuchin

Peter Mazzuchin

Founder and CEO, Actus Real Estate Investors Club

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Martin-Kuev

Martin Kuev

Real Estate Investor; Managing Director, Venture Property Investments


IFTO-Speaker-2018 Chris-Shebib

Chris Shebib

Award Winning Real Estate Investor; Owner & Managing Director, Five Properties Inc.; Managing Director, Venture Property Investments

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Tom-Karadza

Tom Karadza

Co-Founder, Rock Star Real Estate Inc

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Nick-Karadza

Nick Karadza

Co-Founder, Rock Star Real Estate Inc


IFTO-Speaker-2018 Paul-McGill

Paul McGill

President of NorthBrook and The Financing Hub Inc.

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Jas-Takhar

Jas Takhar

Managing Partner, The Real Estate Centre

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Simeon-Papailias

Simeon Papailias

Managing Partner, The Real Estate Centre


Investor-Forum Harry-Stinson

Harry Stinson

Owner, Stinson Properties

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Amanda-Crowther

Amanda Crowther

Simple Acquisitions, LP

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Marc-Dupuis

Marc Dupuis

Simple Acquisitions, LP


IFTO-Speaker-2018 Rob-Kirby

Rob Kirby

President, Veranova Properties Limited

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Stefan-Aarnio

Stefan Aarnio

Award Winning Real Estate Investor, Coach, Author & Public Speaker, President, Exclusive Investor Club

IFTO-Speaker-2018 Jeff-Belanger

Jeff Belanger

VP – Investor and Client Relations, HOS Financial



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